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Hi, I'm Kellie, a designer, silversmith and Jeweller. I recently completed a postgrad at Bishopsland Educational Trust in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Business Management in the August 2011. Along side my postgraduate course I ran my own bespoke jewellery design business, designing and making jewellery for my client base, as well as making larger sculptural pieces, commissioned for Brittish Silver week 2011. I've been incredibly lucky in having been tutored by the likes of Malcolm Appleby, Rod Kelly, Jacqueline Mina, Angela Cork and John Bartholomew. My work is all about hand piercing!!! I use a traditional decorative technique used mainly for its aesthetic appeal and create it into a structure. Follow me on twitter Facebook page, by searching Kellie Theresa Leighton-Designer, Jeweller and Silversmith and liking the page. Contact me at


Commissions from £80 to £4,000 +. I'm very flexible and aim to make work that is affordable for any budget.

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Friday, 8 April 2011


So today I was sat for hours drawing, cutting, piercing to get my design ideas clarified in my own mind, before they are submitted to the lovely man " John Higgins" who is commissioning me to make a bowl for Brittish Silver Week....eeekkkkk I know.

Still drawing like a mad man but thought you might want a wee sneaky peek :D

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Studio Sylvia said...

Kellie I have just discovered your blog and will be following. Your work is unusual and lovely. Your saw piercing skill is amazing.